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Music Trivia Questions of the Week:
1) What singing group is known as The Fab Four?

2) Who was the lead singer for The Miami Sound Machine?

3) Mike Smith was the lead singer for what English band?

4) Curtis Mayfield sang in what group before going solo?

(See answers below)

Karaoke Song of the Week (listen Tuesday 4pm Eastern)


Stay Ah, just a little bit longer (Stay)

(Please) Please, please, please, please Tell me you're going to

Now, how your daddy don't mind And your mommy don't mind

If we have another dance

Yeah, just one more One more time

Oh, won't you stay Just a little bit longer

Please let me hear You say that you will Say you will

Won't you press your Sweet lips to mine

Won't you say you love me All of the time

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Answers to Music Trivia Questions

1) The Beatles

2) Gloria Estefan

3) The Dave Clark Five

4) The Impressions

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Double Shot Challenge

Which version of "How Sweet It Is To be Loved By You" do you prefer?
Which version of "Gloria" do you prefer?
Which version of "It's Another Saturday Night" do you prefer?

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