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Playing the Greatest Songs from the Golden Era of Pop, Rock & Soul -  Commercial Free !!

"The Best Oldies Station On Earth" 


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Hear Bill Sherwood & Rockin Dallas
            Mon-Fri 3-5 pm Eastern
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DJ Shows & Music Trivia on air 3-5 pm Mon-Fri Eastern Time  
Play Name That Song!!! and The Double Shot Challenge
Special features on movies, TV shows, game shows, soap operas and comedy
One Hit Wonders; Long Gold; Series on British Invasion of the 60s


Vote For Your Favorite Music Decade

Double Shot Challenge

Which version of "More Than A Woman" do you prefer?
Which version of "Eli's Coming" do you prefer?
Which version of "Well Sing In The Sunshine" do you prefer?

Thanks for submitting! If you've requested a song we'll try to play it as soon as possible.


Pop, Rock, Soul, Oldies, Golden Oldies, Rhythm & Blues, Disco, Beach

Classic Rock, Country Crossover, Trivia, Soap Opera

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